Great News! We Now Have Our THC and CBD Test Kits Available.

Worldwide Marijuana community was born from WMII inc. a small start-up company that refers borrowers to lenders. Due to the diverse leads that are generated we were compelled to transform our business model into a community publication allowing us to service all the leads that were coming in, not just people or businesses looking for funding, but also to people looking for contacts in the service or the products side of the marijuana sector, or inventors not knowing what to do or where to go with a great idea that's MMJ related. What makes us different is the fact that not only do we believe in pay it forward but for start-up companies that cannot afford a marketing budget we can provide that platform for nationwide exposure and when they make money we make money that way everyone wins. In this economy every dime counts. One of our greatest strengths is that thru our database our members will have direct access to CEO's of public companies that have made the transition into the marijuana sector and are eagerly looking for new ventures to back.

That cuts right thru all the red tape associated with trying to promote their companies. Whether you have a product, service or an invention imagine being a phone call away from a nationwide deal for your company. We have taken parts of Angie's list, Craig's list, Facebook and Twitter and have combined them in a forum based advertising directory with real time consumer contact. Where else can you spend less than fifty dollars a month to receive a full page ad and also be featured on a national platform that targets the marijuana sector in all the states where it's legal. This is our mission and that is now our business model for our subscribers.

Thank you for the opportunity to promote your business, product, invention or yourself on a professional platform.



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